The Normal Registration for TEC TOEFL Test 2022 is now open!

TEC TOEFL Test is not only affordable, but you will get an e-certificate which will be valid for a year.

Registration starts from
💰Normal Registration: Rp 70,000

▫️TEC TOEFL Test is open for both Untarian and public.
▫️Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the test will be held online

For UNTAR students, your TOEFL certificate could be used to fulfill the final assignment requirement for those who major in:
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Visual Art & Design
Faculty of Information Technology
Students from the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Communication will still be able to participate. However, the certificate could not be used to fulfill the final assignment requirement.

Hurry and register yourself through this link :

For more updates and information:
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