Tarumanagara English Club proudly presents TEC TOEFL TEST 2020
TEC TOEFL TEST 2020 is a TOEFL Test with affordable price associating with a certified English institution in Jakarta.
Universitas Tarumanagara Campus 1, Jakarta Barat
Test is held on March 21, 2020. Registration starts on Feb 26th – Mar 19th, 2020.
Our TOEFL Test is prediction and is open for PUBLIC and UNTARIAN. The certificate is valid for two years and could be used for final assignment, undergraduate thesis, new employee recruitment and many more.
For UNTARIAN, our TOEFL certificate can be used to fulfill the final assignment for UNTAR students whose majors are:
– Faculty of Law
– Faculty of Engineering
– Faculty of Medicine
– Faculty of Psychology
– Faculty of Visual Art & Design
– Faculty of Information Technology
Q: Does it mean that student from Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Communication could not take our TOEFL test?
A: Of course you can. However, the certificate could not be used to fulfill the final assignment requirement.
Link is also available on our Instagram: @tec_untar ‘s bio
– Early Bird Registration IDR65.000 (only for the first 50 participants)
– NORMAL Registration IDR80.000
For more updates and information:
• Follow our IG: @tec_untar
• Add our NEW official Line account @726ymdpu (the old official line account has been deactivated)
• or contact our contact persons:
-Kinanti Priscilla Natalie
Id Line: Kinantipriscillan
Phone Number: 087889965161
Id Line: Milagianti
Phone Number: 0812-9477-0877
Stay tuned for the next information and prepare yourself!