This competition field is about your ability in public speaking, such as communicating, expressing, or describing your thoughts, feelings, or perceptions about certain topic to convince the audience.

  1. Participants are highly suggested to come 30 minutes before the opening ceremony and must re-register at the place that has been provided before the opening ceremony starts.
  2. All participants should dress formally: no jeans, no sandal or slipper, no short pants, and no T-shirt.
  3. All participants must attend the technical meeting.
  4. The moderator will open the competition to remind the competition rules, and introduce the judges.
  5. During the whole rounds, the participants are not allowed to go in or go out of the room without any permission from the committee(s).
  6. The contestant is required to prepare himself/herself in the quarantine room. After entering the quarantine room, none of the contestants in the quarantine room may leave unless it is the time for him/her to perform. The contestant who needs to leave the room for certain important reasons should be accompanied by one of the committee members after getting permission from the committees.
  7. The contestant must stay at the competition venue until the end of the competition, unless permitted by the committees.
  8. The contestant will be disqualified if he/she does not appear after being called 3 (three) times by the proctor in the quarantine room.
  9. Notice the signs! Committee will give sign signals:
  • GREEN card: 60 seconds before the maximum time runs out.
  • YELLOW card: 30 seconds before the maximum time runs out.
  • RED card: time is over and contestants have to stop.

10. Scoring Criteria of NEON 2018 Speech Competition “ICE – Infinite Creation of Excellence”

CONTENTS Speech Development (0-20) 50%
Effectiveness (0-15)
Speech Value (0-15)
DELIVERY Physical (0-10) 30%
Voice (0-10)
Manner (0-10)
LANGUAGE Appropriateness (0-10) 20%
Correctness (0-10)


11. All pager, mobile phone, or any device that may and will produce disturbing sounds must be turned off during the competition.

12. No dictionary and mobile phone are allowed in the quarantine room.

13. The Judge’s decision is final, there will be no reconsideration after announcement.

14. All competition rules are binding, absolute and might be altered, added, or eliminated by committee if it felt necessary.

15. Participants may not smoke, play cards, gamble, or bring any alcohol beverages. Any possessions or usage of drugs, weapons, and/or any sharp objects are not  allowed.


Spectators Rules:

16. During the course of each performance of each contestant, the audience is not allowed to get out/in of the room or talk. No person would be allowed to enter the room during performance.

17. Spectators must not interfere any of the participant’s performance, like giving directions or helping other participant during performance.

18. Spectators must remain orderly at all times.


Additional rules and regulations that are not mentioned yet might be added by the committee and will be discussed during the technical meeting.

Round I: Prepared Speech

In this round, the participants will deliver their own prepared speeches for 5 minutes with the topic determined by the committee. Participants must take their order number of appearance for the first round in the technical meeting. The topic is: Infinite Creation of Excellence


Round II: Table Topic

Each participants have the same topic given by the committee. The participants have time to think for 1 minute and they have to deliver their speech spontaneously in three minutes.


Semi Final: Extemporaneous Speech

Participants have to choose one of the three articles related to incident around us and in 20 minutes prepare 5-minute speeches about the article. The speeches are delivered from memory. Participants are allowed to bring notes (maximum paper size is A6).


Final Round: Persuasive (Sales) Speech

The committee will provide 3 items for the participants to choose. After that, the participants will be given 20 minutes for preparation and deliver the speech in 7 minutes.

DAY 1-Friday, 27th of April 2018

Time Event  
08.00-09.00 Re-registration  
09.00-10.00 Opening Ceremony  
10.00-12.00 Technical Meeting  
DAY 2-Saturday, 28th of April 2018  
Time Event  
08.00-08.30 Re-registration  
08.30-12.00 Round I  
12.00-13.00 Lunch Break  
13.00-16.00 Round II  
DAY 3-Sunday, 29th of April 2018  
Time Event  
08.00-09.00 Re-registration  
09.00-09.30 Announcement  
09.30-09.50 Preparation  
09.50-11.50 Semi-Final Round  
12.00-13.00 Lunch Break  
13.00-13.15 Preparation  
13.15-15.30 FINAL ROUND  
15.30-18.00 Closing Ceremony & Announcement