This competition field tests your readiness in becoming a news anchor, which requires journalistic skill by recomposing a news into an interesting one, your confidence and style in reporting the news on the screen as well as being spontaneous in reporting various live events. This is a great way to develop yourself into a professional news anchor that everyone loves. Show us that you have what it takes to be a professional news anchor!

  1. All participants must follow and understand the rules before the competition.
  2. All participants must attend the technical meeting. The participants who do not attend the technical meeting will not get any guarantees to gain further information from the committees.
  3. Participants are required to bring their name tags (provided by the committees) in order to enter the competition room.
  4. Participants are suggested to come at least 30 minutes before the opening ceremony and 30 minutes before the competition starts.
  5. Participants must re-register before the technical meeting and before the competition starts.
  6. Participants must enter the waiting room at least 20 minutes before the competition starts.
  7. Participants will be disqualified if they do not appear after being called for 3 (three) times in their turns during the day of competition.
  8. Participants are not allowed to leave the room when the competition Participants can only leave the room with important reasons and should be accompanied by one of the committee members.
  9. Participants should dress according to the specific rules in each round.
  10. The coaches of the participants are not allowed to watch their students during the competition, unless they are registered as an observer.
  11. Mobile phone or any other device that may produce disturbing sound must be turned off when the competition begins.
  12. No dictionary and mobile phone are allowed in the quarantine room.
  13. Participants are not allowed to bring anything into the quarantine room. Pen, blank papers, and script will be provided by the committee.
  14. Participants can only enter the quarantine room after being called by the committees.
  15. All participants must respect the judge decision.
  16. These are the criteria that will be scored throughout the competition
    Content (40) Presentation (30) Technical (30)  
    Reporting Attraction Creativity in Delivering the news Grammar & Wordings  
    Plot Progression/Structure Gesture & Stage Management Pronunciation & Clarity  
    Originality Audience Engagement Technical Punctuality  
    Round Mastery      

Preliminary Round: Showbiz            

As the opening round, participants need their creativity in bringing their own showbiz (show business). Participants need to present the showbiz as entertaining as possible as this will determine their journey in this competition! The choice of theme for the showbiz will be about celebrity, sports, lifestyle and music.

Specific rules:

  1. Participants must pick 2 out of 4 theme that is given.
  2. Participants should make their own script.
  3. The material of the theme should be the latest news or within the month of the NEON 2018 (April 2018) or else will be deducted by 10 points.
  4. Participants are not allowed to bring script to the performance room.
  5. Duration: 3-4 minutes to present the news.
  6. No elimination for this round.
  7. Dress code: Formal

Quarter Final: News Reading

In this round, participants will be tested on the basic of reporting firmly in front of the camera as well as their writing skill. Participants need to present two different news within 3-4 minutes. The news must be recomposed and must consist of one soft news and one hard news.

Specific rules:

  1. Participants need to choose 2 out of 4 script, consisting of soft news and hard news that will be given by the committee in the quarantine room.
  2. Participants must recompose the script into a presentable one.
  3. 10 minutes preparation in quarantine room.
  4. Duration: 3-4 minutes to present the news.
  5. Committee will provide the script, pen, and blank paper in quarantine room.
  6. Participants are allowed to bring script.
  7. Point from the preliminary round will be accumulated with this round for elimination.
  8. Dress code: Formal

Semi Final: Live Report

Spontaneous is one of the traits that is needed by a news anchor. A news anchor must always be ready to report in different kind of situation. Participants will be given a situation and they must report it directly with limited time of preparation! 

Specific rules:

  1. Participants will be briefed about a certain situation that will be reported before the round begins in the quarantine room.
  2. Participants are given 10 minutes to prepare in the quarantine room.
  3. Participants are given pen and blank paper for preparation, and allowed to bring 1/4 of A4 paper as their notes to the performance room.
  4. One interviewee will be present in the performance room.
  5. Duration: 5 minutes to present the live report.
  6. Dress code: Semi-formal

Final: News Reading + Interview

The final round and perhaps the most challenging one. A news anchor must be able to ask question during an interview with someone that they just encounter. In this round, participants will need to deliver the news like professional and then do an interview. As a professional news anchor, they should be able to divide their time efficiently and correctly for each section.

Specific rules:

  1. Participants will be given a script for news reading that needs to be recomposed.
  2. Participants in the quarantine room will be given the detail of the guest who is going to be interviewed.
  3. Participants will first do news reading and continue to the interview section.
  4. Preparation time 20 minutes in quarantine room.
  5. 7 minutes to perform.
  6. Committee will provide blank paper and pen in quarantine room.
  7. Participants are allowed to bring 1/4 of A4 paper as their notes during the performance.
  8. Dress Code: Semi-Formal

Friday, 27th of April 2018

8.00-9.00 Re-registration
9.00-10.00 Opening ceremony
10.00-11.20 Technical meeting


Saturday, 28th of April 2018

8.00-9.00 Re-registration
9.00-12.00 Round 1: Showbiz
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-15.20 Quarter Final:  News Reading
15.20-15.30 Judge decision
15.30-16.00 Feedback and announcement


Sunday, 29th of April 2018

8.00-9.00 Re-registration
9.00-12.00 Semi Final: Live  Report
12.00-13.00 Lunch and Judge decision
13.00-13.15 Announcement
13.15-15.30 Final Round: News Reading + Interview
15.30-18.00 Closing ceremony and winners announcement


  1. Participants will be called according to the number that they drew during the technical meeting in all the round of competition.
  2. Notice the signs! Committee will give sign signals:
  • GREEN FLAG : Remaining time of 2 (two) minutes
  • YELLOW FLAG : Remaining time of 1 (one) minute
  • RED FLAG : Remaining time of 30 (thirty) seconds
  1. After participants have finished the round, participants must go to after performance room.
  2. Participants need to deliver the news in front of the camera for every round of competition.
  3. If participants exceeds the performing time given, 5 points will be deducted from the maximum time of 30 seconds of exceeding time.
  4. There will be a news jingle before presenting the news Preliminary round and Quarter Final (news jingle will be provided by committee).