Something exciting has finally arrived. We proudly present, NEON (National English Competition) 2021 – Constellation “Conquer, Strive, and Take the Title of a Glorious Champion”.

🌐 NEON 2021 will be held ONLINE 🌐

📅 Schedule 📅
• February 15th-28th, 2021 (Early Bird Registration)
• February 29th – March 27th, 2021 9 a.m (Normal Registration)
• March 27th, 2021 (Technical Meeting)
• March 28th – April 5th, 2021 (Submission)
• April, 11th 2021 (Final Rounds/Closing)

This event is open for all senior high school and university students in Indonesia!


This area of competition is about your public speaking skills, such as communicating, expressing, or explaining your opinions, emotions, or perceptions to convince the audience about certain subjects..

Story Telling

In this competition , you will be tested in your own way to deliver the story that needs creativity and also imagination to the audience. The participants have to make themself as interesting as possible to attract audiences’ attention.

Short Story Writing

Short story writing is one of the new competitions in NEON 2021. This is a competition of creating a fictional story that must be related to a predetermined theme that requires the ability of imagination and creativity.


Essay is one of the new competitions in NEON 2021. Participants will make an essay describing a topic, that includes arguments and conclusions from the participants. The participants can pick the predetermined theme / topic


1. Click the register button on one of the fields you want to join. And then, fill in the google form that has been provided.
2. Participants must pay the registration fee on or before February 28th, 2021 for early bird payment, and on or before March 27th, 2020 for normal payment.
3. Participants may submit their work on March 28 -5 April 2021.


Early Bird: Rp 100.000/person
Normal: Rp 135.000/person

Story Telling
Early Bird: Rp 100.000/person
Normal: Rp 135.000/person

Short Story Writing
Early Bird: Rp 90.000/person
Normal: Rp 125.000/person

Early Bird: Rp 90.000/person
Normal: Rp 125.000/person


Bank : BCA
Account Number : 7570345014
On behalf of : CESILIA HONG

Please confirm if you have already paid the registration fee by sending a SCREENSHOT or PHOTO of the payment receipt to our CONTACT PERSON with the format below:
Name :
Type of competition:



Having any question regarding NEON 2021? Feel free to ask us :
📲 Valensiska
Line : valensiskaa
Phone : 085217929527

📲 Catherine
Line : cathy_wijaya
Phone : 087861173550

*p.s. you may send the payment receipt to our contact persons

You can also find us on :
Instagram : @neontec2021
Facebook : Tarumanagara English Club

*p.s. for slot information please check on our instagrams


1. Registration is closed on March 27th, 2021, at 9 a.m.
2. To be able to participate in the National English Competition 2021, participants should be high school or varsity students (born after 1996) in Indonesia.
3. Participants must register and submit the entry according to the timeline of the event.
4. In order to complete the registration process, participants must input their data on the registration form and complete their payment on or before February 28th , 2021 for early bird payment, and on or before March 27th, 2020 for normal payment.
5. The submitted entry at the National English Competition 2021 must not contain elements of any sensitive content, violent or insulting content regarding any cultural, political or religious/belief.
6.The submitted entry has not been included or won in any other competitions.
7. Payment can be done by transferring the registration fee to :
Bank : BCA
Account number : 7570345014
On behalf of : CESILIA HONG
After you have completed the transaction process, please send us your payment receipt along with your personal information to our official line account.
8. The participant’s registration fee (both for early bird and normal fee) that has been paid and transferred into our bank account will only be refunded if the participant decides to forfeit.
9. Participants have to attend the Technical Meeting ( 27th March 2021 ) via ZOOM Meeting for further information about their competition fields. We will not take any responsibility if participants miss out the further or sudden changes in information about the competition that may help them to be more prepared for the competition.
10. Participants must not attempt to influence any of judges’ decisions about competition matters.
11. Judges and committees’ decisions are absolute.
12. Participants who have registered themselves to join this competition must follow all terms and conditions without any exception. Violation will result in disqualification for the participant involved.


1. If you don’t send the screenshot or photo of your payment receipt to our CONTACT PERSONS, your name WILL NOT be registered in NEON 2021.

2. Please pay attention while filling out the form. Any mistake regarding your data is NOT our responsibility (especially your name, as the name will be used for your certificate).