TEC stands for Tarumanagara English Club. It was established on November 28th 1988, initiated by varsity student of Tarumanagara University that has concern in the development of English skill as an international language. Located in M-Building, 2nd level, Campus 1, Tarumanagara University Jakarta. TEC is not like a subject or a course, it’s an organization where we can learn organization skills, improve our english abilities cooperating with friends from other faculties in an English Environment. Member who joined TEC have the same interest and its a place to practice English skills. TEC is also active in joining various English Competition and active in proliferating English in UNTAR and around. Drop by to TEC anytime to share and cooperate with us in any way.



Constructing a club with a strong sense of friendship and togetherness. Becoming one of the most respected English Club in Indonesia. Preparing our members to take part in the upcoming future of English speaking society, turning followers into leaders and turn friends into families.



1, Creating a proficient English speaking environment.

2, Maintaining a humble friendly atmosphere for all members.

3. Maximizing current and future resources.

4. Conducting a professional standard classes to improve the English speaking skill of every members to

the very maximum.



Let. Jend. S Parman, Jakarta 11440

Tarumanagara University

2nd Level, M Building


TEC's location